Tire Rotations & Wheel Alignments In Grapevine

Tire Rotations & Wheel Alignments

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Learn More About Tire Rotations And Wheel Alignments At BMW Of Grapevine

Your BMW car or SAV is a powerful, luxury machine that's sure to wow any Grapevine or Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW) area driver you pass. Whether you're carving corners in Colleyville or zooming around Dallas, make sure that your BMW's tires are ready to go. While normal tire inspections are necessary to accomplish this goal, you should also have regular tire rotations and wheel alignments performed.

What Is A Tire Rotation?

When you schedule a tire rotation, your car's tires will be moved to different positions. Each tire wears at a different rate, depending on how you drive, what type of road you drive on, and how often you drive. To ensure that each tire wears at the same rate, you'll need to have the tires rotated often.

Why is a Tire Rotation Necessary?

There are three main reasons why tire rotations are so important. These are:

  1. Less Stress On Your Drivetrain - Does your BMW have an all-wheel drive? Tire rotations are extremely important as a better-balanced vehicle puts less stress on the rest of the drivetrain. This reduces the amount of wear on the drive components, making their life last longer.
  2. Maximize Your Tire's Life - Once tires wear down, they will need to be replaced. If one tire wears faster than the others, the whole set will need to be replaced sooner than normal. Buying a new set of tires is expensive and not something that you want to do more often.
  3. Uniform Tire Tread - If your tires have uneven tread levels, your balance will be thrown off. Even tread allows for better traction, handling, and overall performance.

When Should I Rotate my Tires?

Most models have a recommended tire rotation timeline that can be found in their owner's manuals. A common timeline is every 5,000 miles or at every oil change.

What Is A Wheel Alignment?

Have you recently hit a pothole on your Dallas-Fort Worth drive? Did you drive over a curb by accident? Have you had your tires replaced? If any of these are the case, then you may need to have a wheel alignment. Wheel alignments are when the technician angles your tires to be at the perfect angle to the road and to each other.

When is a Wheel Alignment Needed?

If you notice that your car veers to the right or left when it should be going straight, it's time to have a wheel alignment performed. Wheel alignments are designed to make your car balanced and in line with the steering wheel and suspension. If you are replacing your old tires with new ones, you'll also need a tire alignment to make sure they're balanced.

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Is it time to have your tires rotated? Do you need a wheel alignment performed on your new, used or certified pre-owned BMW car or SAV? Our team of trained and certified BMW technicians are here to help! Use our online service scheduling tool to find the perfect date and time for your next BMW service appointment or contact our BMW of Grapevine dealership with any questions or concerns. Let us help keep you safe on any drive around Grapevine, Colleyville, or beyond.