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Speaking of which, we compare our BMW SAV lineup below. Our Sports Activity Vehicles are one-of-a-kind, yet not all of them will fit your exact driving style. Take a look to see the benefits of choosing to drive each SAV around Coppell.


BMW X1: The BMW X1 is a subcompact SAV that works well for many different lifestyles. This is largely due to its broad appeal and well-rounded performance. Discover ample engine power to shuttle you around the city with ease. Lively handling helps to keep your drive fun and energetic. Overall, you can count on the BMW X1 to help keep your confidence flowing for the day ahead.


BMW X2: The BMW X2 is another subcompact SAV that focuses on offering a fun-to-drive experience. Dallas-Fort Worth drivers can make use of a peppy engine to swiftly reach their destination. Responsive handling and easy maneuverability add to the fun, allowing you to enjoy your daily driving. The comfortable cabin is a great plus, making it easy to relax after a long work day.


BMW X3: The BMW X3 is a compact SAV, offering drives a good combination of power and comfort. Families will highly enjoy the X3, as five can fit inside across two rows of comfortable and supportive seats. There is generous head- and legroom for taller occupants, making it easy to relax for longer rides. The interior's elegant styling and many premium materials will impress anyone who climbs inside. With the addition of powerful engine options, the X3 is ready to get you where you need to go.


BMW X4: The BMW X4 is another compact SAV is great for those with active lifestyles. Its athletic performance and quality interior help to make all your outings a breeze. Whether you head to the beach or the mountains, the X4 is here to get you where you want to go. Please choose from one of its muscular engines to get the power you need, and then enjoy lively handling and swift acceleration as you drive to your destination.


BMW X5: The BMW X5 is a midsize SAV that focuses on providing a highly comfortable cabin and a wealth of standard features. Up to seven people can fit inside with the optional third row, and there is generous space for passengers to stretch out. The large cargo area makes it easy to load sports equipment, camping gear, groceries, luggage, and much more.


BMW X6: The BMW X6 is a midsize SAV that provides a good mix of muscular power and an impressive interior. The cabin is brimming with premium materials and offers plenty of space for occupants to get comfortable. Many drivers will note that the BMW X6 stands out for its coupe-like exterior style. The sloping roof and sporty exterior styling will catch many glances as you drive down the road.


BMW X7: The BMW X7 is the large SAV in the lineup, and it offers many great features and amenities. The opulent interior combines well with a pampering ride to put a smile on all your passenger's faces. There is plenty of power with forceful acceleration that can get you moving within seconds of the stoplight changing. Overall, it is a well-rounded vehicle that any family can enjoy throughout the week.


BMW M Vehicles


BMW X3 M: The BMW X3 M SAV is the performance version of the BMW X3. Drivers can expect to find bolder wheel options, more aggressive and dynamic performance, and so much more. With the BMW X3 M by your side, you can command every road you travel. Seamlessly pass by slower traffic on the highway, enjoy a thrilling ride, and look forward to your daily drives to the office. Plus, with sportier styling, you will stand out in all the right ways. Please enjoy the convenience of this high-performance version of the popular BMW X3 today.


BMW X4 M: The BMW X4 M SAV is another performance version of a popular BMW SAV, the BMW X4. Similar to other M vehicles, this version focuses on providing more power for your daily driving. Get up to speed in a matter of seconds with the X4 M's enhanced power and driving dynamics. High-performance wheels help with this SAV's exceptional athleticism and fuel your confidence. But the improvements go beyond just power. Drivers will notice that the exterior and interior of the X4 M feature sportier design cues and more personalized technology. Overall, the BMW X4 M is a great SAV for high-performance lovers.


BMW X5 M: The BMW X5 M is the performance version of the BMW X5 SAV. This high-performance model delivers unrivaled athleticism and distinct style. Find impressive enhancements that lead to over 600 horsepower and lively handling for a fun drive. New wheels help improve performance and show off the BMW X5 M's unique sporty style. Stand out and turn heads down every street you take today.


BMW X6 M: The BMW X6 M is the performance version of the BMW X6 SAV. This high-performance model offers exceptional performance and an updated design. Seamlessly challenge every road ahead of you with the new power the BMW X6 M brings. Enjoy your daily driving with improved driving dynamics and lively maneuverability. Plus, with more athletic design cues, there are several ways you can stand out from the crowd.


BMW Electric


BMW iX: The BMW iX is the new and first fully electric SAV in the BMW lineup. It offers a slew of benefits to bringing it home, which include great power and a cushioned ride. The dual-motor electric powertrain provides great acceleration to easily pass by slower traffic. The iX's easy maneuverability also helps you navigate tight city streets and parking lots. The BMW iX is a great new SAV in the BMW lineup, and we believe individuals and families alike will love to drive it.


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