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Learn More About Your Brake Service At BMW Of Grapevine

When it comes to routine maintenance, there are many different repairs and services that should be completed. Your car's brakes are one of these regular maintenance items and shouldn't be put off or forgotten about. Every Grapevine, Southlake, and beyond driver understands how important your brakes truly are. Whether you're stopping at a stop sign in Coppell or slowing down to deal with traffic in Lewisville, make sure that your brakes will help you accomplish your driving goals.

How Does The Brake System Work?

The braking system in a vehicle works in different stages. Most models come with what's known as disc brakes, which resemble the brakes on a ten-speed bicycle. When you push down on the brake pedal, it squeezes the brake fluid and triggers a set of calipers. These calipers are layered with the brake pad, which squeezes onto the rotors on your wheels. The more pressure you put on the brake pedal, the harder the calipers will squeeze, and the more friction is created to bring your car to a stop.

What Are The Red Flags For Brake Problems?

The brake system is great because it will let you know if something isn't right with your car's brakes. Not only could you see a brake warning light appear on your dashboard, but you may also discover any of the following red flags.

  • Squealing Noise - Is there a loud squealing sound that occurs when you push on the brakes? If so, this is a sign that your brake pads need to be replaced. The brake pads act as a cushion between the calipers and rotors and, with time, become worn. If they wear too much, metal will scrape against metal, causing a loud squealing sound. You'll want to have new brake pads installed to deter any more damage.
  • Shuddering - Does your car shudder or shake when you try to stop? This is a sign that your rotors are damaged and should be replaced. Your rotors can become warped or worn and will lead to a dangerous situation if left unchanged.
  • Spongy Brake Pedal - Does your brake pedal go all the way to the floor? Does it feel soft or spongy when you use it? If either of these are the case, then you'll want to check your brake fluid. You could have a leak in your brake line, an air bubble, or low brake fluid.

When Should I Schedule My Next Brake Inspection?

If you notice any of the red flags mentioned above or if it's been a while since your last brake inspection, you'll want to have your new, used, or certified pre-owned BMW car or SAV checked out. Many technicians recommend having your brakes inspected at every oil change or up to 5,000 miles.

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Whether you're from Southlake, Coppell, Lewisville, or beyond, we'd love to have you visit our BMW of Grapevine dealership for any of your service needs. Contact our certified BMW service technicians to learn more about what a brake inspection entails or use our online service scheduling tool at your next convenience. We'd love to not only help you find the new BMW car or SAV of your dreams but also help you keep it as new as possible for many driving miles.