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Anyone who has a child knows the annoyance that comes with buckling those little ones into the backseat. The five-point harness car seats take forever to buckle, especially with a wild, screaming, tantrum-throwing toddler, and the booster seats are always getting lost or sit right on top of the buckle, both of which cause huge delays and tiring driving routines. However annoying these car seats may be, they are necessary and will save your child's life in the event of an accident. Here are four car seat safety tips to always remember.

  1. Always Buckle Up - We get it. It's raining, you're struggling to get your children in their seats, only to get them out again in two minutes when you arrive to the nearest grocery store. Even though it would be so much easier to not buckle, anything can happen in that two-minute drive. Buckle them in! Also remember that your three-year-old is watching and you should always buckle up as well!
  2. Rear-Face As Long As You Can - The bottom line? Rear-facing is safer than forward-facing. You should try to keep your child rear-facing as long as they can stand it and at least until age two. There are now even car seats that are designed for kids between 35 and 50 pounds who can be rear-facing.
  3. Tether Your Forward-Facing Seats - Decreasing the space your kid's head moves in a crash by six to eight inches, a tether helps secure the top part of the car seat. Each car seat should include an easy-to-use tether and it doesn't matter if it's a seat you use with a seat belt or a lower anchored seat; tether a forward-facing seat!
  4. Know When Your Kid Can Ride Without A Car Seat - There are five steps every kid must pass before they are able to ride without a car seat. Does your child have their...
    • ...back against the vehicle seat?
    • ...knees bent at the edge of the seat?
    • ...lap belt on the tops of their thighs and not on their belly?
    • ...shoulder belt between their neck and shoulder?
    • ...sits right with no slouching, no playing with their seatbelt, etc.?

    If they pass these questions, then they can ride safely without a car seat!

If you have any questions about these seat belt guidelines or how our BMW models are helpful in keeping your little ones safe, feel free to contact us or stop by our BMW of Grapevine dealership soon!

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