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There are a lot of fluids and oils in your car that keep it running like it should. One of the most forgotten about fluids is the brake fluid. In fact, many drivers don't even know that there is such a thing as brake fluid and most certainly don't know why this fluid should be checked and changed regularly. Here are the answers to some of our most common brake fluid questions.

  • What Is Brake Fluid? What Does Brake Fluid Do? - Brake fluid is a liquid that is compressed when you apply the brakes and begin the whole braking process. It is a vital part of braking and without it your brakes won't operate.
  • Why Do I Need To Change My Brake Fluid? - Over time your brake fluid will lose its effectiveness. Brake fluid is considered a hygroscopic fluid, which means it will absorb water over time. When the water in the brake fluid reaches three-percent it will cause air bubbles in the fluid when you brake, due to the friction making this water boil. This will cause the fluid to be too thin and won't provide the rest of the braking system with enough force to stop your tires. All drivers should have their brake fluid checked routinely to ensure that it's not only effective, but is also full and not leaking.
  • When Should I Have My Brake Fluid Flushed? - Most manufactures suggest a brake fluid flush every two years, but there are other signs that your brakes need attention. One of the red flags that your brake fluid is low or not working properly is a spongy pedal. If you apply the brake and it your brake pedal goes down lower than normal or takes a while to make your car stop, you need to have your brakes inspected or check your brake fluid yourself.

If you'd like us, here at BMW of Grapevine, to inspect your brake fluid for you or flush out your fluid at your next service appointment, feel free to contact us or schedule a service appointment as soon as you're able. We'd love to help you keep your vehicle safe!

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