BMW vehicles are known for their outstanding powertrains, including their hard-working transmissions. Even though the transmission in a BMW car or SUV is top-notch, it will only remain that way with routine transmission maintenance.

How To Maintain Your BMW Transmission

There are two main parts of the transmission that should be maintained and inspected, the transmission fluid and the transmission filter. While these aren't going to be checked or changed as often as your engine's oil or brake fluid, it is something that you should looked at every now and then.

The fluid inside of your transmission lubricates and cools down the transmission's moving parts. Throughout this process it can become contaminated with metal particles that will, over time, degrade the interior of your transmission. The transmission filter traps these metal pieces to help save your transmission from further harm. Once the filter and the fluid has been used for a while, they will become too full of particles to work properly, thus resulting in damage to your transmission.

Signs Your Transmission Needs Service

The best way to keep your transmission running smoothly is to have it routinely maintained. If you check your transmission fluid, which is normally red, and it's brown, that's a sign that you need a transmission fluid flush. If you smell rubber burning, but you don't think it's coming from your tires, this may be the transmission giving you a sign it needs to be serviced. Or if your transmission service light pops on, you'll definitely want to have a technician take a closer look.

If you would like a trained BMW technician to inspect or service your BMW transmission, feel free to schedule an appointment or contact us at any time.

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