Self-Driving Capabilities

Automotive technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds. Things that were unthinkable decades ago are now commonplace. One major constant is the need of a driver. After all, no matter how advanced a car gets, it still needs someone behind the wheel, right? While that is still currently the case, the times are a-changing, and BMW continues to advance in the field of self-driving cars.

You may not realize it, but we're already on our way to self-driving cars. BMW has broken down self-driving into five levels. Level one is driver assistance, and is offered by all current BMW vehicles. This includes features such as active cruise control, or forward collision warning with emergency braking. Level two is partly automated driving, and is the current highest-level of self-driving capabilities. On select BMW models, you can remove your hands from the wheel for a few moments, and the vehicle will steer itself. By 2021, BMW expects to hit level three: you'll sometimes be able to turn your attention away from the wheel entirely, although you'll need to be able to step back in on short notice. They also expect to reach level four in 2021: you'll be able to sleep behind the wheel, although you still need to be capable of driving just in case. BMW expects to reach level five between 2025 and 2030, and it's the biggest step of all: when your car drives 100% on its own. Today you drive your new BMW home; tomorrow, your new BMW drives you home. We can't wait to see what BMW does next.

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